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Report: Vince Young Wants To Take His Talents To South Beach

SB Nation's Dolphins blog Phinsider has the definitive compilation of reports from this past weekend that indicate the Dolphins would be 'appealing' to Vince Young after the Titans kick him to the curb. Of course for a QB who's being jettisoned from a team in the way VY is, any NFL team with a shaky QB spot would have to be appealing.

Tony Sporano has made several statements over the offseason about his belief that athletic QBs create the kind of explosive plays the Dolphins have been lacking over the past few years. However, GM Jeff Ireland's most recent statements about what he'd look for in a veteran QB couldn't be much more direct if he'd mentioned Vince by name:


"You have to know exactly what you’re going to get from the person," responded Ireland. "You can’t guess about work ethic. You can’t guess about intangibles, competitiveness, intelligence, accountability, dependability. You can’t question those things at all."

That doesn't really sound like a guy who's clamoring for a head-case QB with a veritable scroll of incidents that cause NFL executives to question every one of those areas. It'll be interesting to see where VY lands, and the more names that surface like this the better chance we could actually get a late draft pick in return. I still don't see it happening, but the NFL is an especially unpredictable mistress these days.