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Cortland Finnegan Is Not A Big Fan of Roger Goodell Making Rules

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The NFL, as they do each offseason, has tweaked a few rules, and it is not surprising that one of the things they have been looking at is the hits on defenseless players.  Each week during the season there was a long list of players being fined for hits in games that the NFL deemed inappropriate.  However, Cortland Finnegan, according to Jim Wyatt, doesn't think that these rule changes should be decided by "someone who never played the game":

"You have milliseconds — not even seconds — and it’s not like you try to do it. It just so happens in that split-second you have a chance to tackle a guy and sometimes it happens to be that way," he said. "Last year having to dive at guys’ knees because you’re not sure … If they duck, and you’re still helmet-to-helmet with them, then it is your fine, it is a penalty on you.

I agree with Finnegan here. There is no doubt that player safety should be a huge concern for the league, but some of the fines they have passed out in the last few years have been ridiculous. Guys like James Harrison make a living being dirty players and should be penalized, but like Finnegan said above, some of the "helmet to helmet hits" are no more the fault of the defensive player than the offensive player.  I know it is impossible to judge intent, but it sure seems like the NFL could do a better job in distinguishing between hits that are dirty and hits that aren't.