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Myron Rolle Has Been Busy This Offseason

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Jim Wyatt wrote an article yesterday about all of the things that Myron Rolle has been involved in this offseason. Rolle has been a feature speaker at many universities around the country talking to students about what it takes to become a Rhodes Scholar, and will be a part of a group selected by former president Bill Clinton that travels to the Congo as part of the Rethink Refugees program.

Here is what Rolle had to say to Wyatt about the lockout:

"The way it is with the lockout, you could certainly slack if you’d like," Rolle said. "But I am very motivated person, and I think last year motivated me even more. I got my feet wet and got my instincts back in the game, and I am very excited about this upcoming year to showcase myself on the field. I feel like I am a better player."

I am not sure if Rolle will ever be able to contribute for the Titans on the field, but it sure is nice to have Tennessee Titans attached to his name while he is out there doing all of these awesome things.