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Herm Edwards Speaks at NFL Rookie Symposium

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The video of Herm Edwards speaking at the rookie symposium is after the jump. Edwards is a captivating speaker. I didn't follow his coaching career that closely so I am not sure why he failed as an NFL coach, but I do know that it wasn't because he wasn't a good motivator.

This event was sponsored by the group formerly known as the NFLPA so it wasn't mandatory that draft picks attend. I am not sure how many of the Titans rookies attended, but I do know that Colin McCarthy and Zach Clayton were in attendance because they said so on Twitter.

There were a lot of reports last week that a deal to end the lockout could be in place by this weekend. Now it doesn't look like that will happen. It seems the early reports were probably a little too optimistic about the progress that had been made. I still think a deal gets done before any regular season games are missed, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the preseason is missed.