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The Tennessee Titans and Fantasy Football

Rob Warner of FF Toolbox wrote an article last week projecting how some of the Titans' players will do from a fantasy football perspective in 2011. We all know that Chris Johnson is a top three pick, if not the first pick overall, but this year the Titans have a couple of other guys that could make a big impact in your fantasy league.

A lot of where guys like Kenny Britt and Jared Cook get drafted will depend on how many Titans' fans are in your league. If you are in a league full of them you will have to overpay to get those guys, but if you are in a league with people who don't know anything about the Titans you can probably get good value with both of them. The one thing about Cook is that he is going to be the hot "sleeper" on every "expert's" list.

Click through the jump for some of my thoughts on what Warner had to say.

He says that Kerry Collins is old. Can't argue with that.

He says that Jake Locker should be owned in dynasty leagues only. Odds are that Locker won't be a viable fantasy option for at least a couple of years so I am not sure he is really even worth stashing away on your bench as a keeper at this point.

You already know what he says about CJ, but he says that Javon Ringer and Jamie Harper are in the "fantasy handcuff" category. The battle in camp between Ringer, Harper and Stafon Johnson for the second running back spot will be an interesting one to watch. Last year there was no point in owning Ringer because Fisher didn't believe that he should ever touch the ball. There is a chance this coaching staff will use someone else as the goal line which could actually give the Titans' second running back some fantasy value.

The only receiver worth owning from this team is Britt. I think Damian Williams makes a huge jump on the field this year, but he isn't going to give you much from a fantasy perspective. Warner calls Nate Washington a sleeper, but I think he was just referring to his hands.

Cook is listed as a super sleeper. 2011 will be the year Cook either becomes a stud or becomes Ben Troupe. It is your duty as a Titans' fan to make sure he doesn't go undrafted in your league.