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What Moves Will the Titans Make In Free Agency When the Lockout Ends?

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It is pretty tough to determine what the Titans will need to do in free agency whenever the lockout ends because we don't know what roster moves they will make, but we do know they will sign a QB. We don't know if they will go with Kerry Collins or target someone else, but they have said for a long time now that they plan on bringing in a veteran quarterback.

They will also need to bring in a tight end since they only have two on the roster, a safety if Chris Hope is cut and they aren't impressed with any of the guys on the roster, and possibly a defensive tackle (especially if they plan on moving Jason Jones to end).

The Titans haven't been big spenders in free agency since Mike Reinfeldt became GM, but things could be different this year if there is a rule that says they have to spend 93% of the cap. They will need a lot of that money to sign Jake Locker and re-do Chris Johnson's deal, but that is still going to leave some money that has to be used.

There is also the possibility, as Paul Kuharsky mentioned here, that this will be the last really strong group of free agents because teams will be more willing to re-sign their guys early with the cap floor type rule.

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