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Kuharsky: Best Rivalry In AFC South Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson

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I am really tired of three things. The first is the lockout. The second is lists. I think the first is responsible for the second because these writers wouldn't have as much time to make lists if there was anything else to write about.

The third is hearing about the mild mannered Andre Johnson. Sure Cortland Finnegan is a pest, but last I checked there isn't another player in the league that has ripped Finny's helmet off and punched him multiple times. Finnegan takes all the heat for that fight, but as the old saying goes "it takes two to tango." It is about time AJ started getting some of the heat for that fight.

With all of that being said, Paul Kuharksy of ESPN listed Finnegan and Johnson as the best rivalry in the division. Here is what he had to say about it:

They had some history before last season’s game in Houston when they had a big, well-documented and publicized fight. Finnegan got under the mild-mannered Johnson’s skin, provoking him. Johnson won the fight even as the Titans tried to play up and praise Finnegan’s restraint. Moving forward, every time the division rivals play, the matchup between one of the league’s best receivers and a cornerback who’s been a Pro Bowler and All Pro will be a story.

Hopefully going forward it will only be about how they perform on the field.