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Football Outsiders Looks At Top Five Quarterbacks in Oilers/Titans Franchise History

Last week Football Outsider looked at the top five quarterbacks in Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans history. Mike Tanier, who wrote the article for FO, threw out the question on Twitter last week asking who was number one in franchise history- Warren Moon or Steve McNair. As much as I wanted to say that it was McNair, Tanier got it right listing Moon #1.

Here is one thing from Tanier's post that we here at MCM will make sure never happens:

I get the feeling that McNair will be like Roman Gabriel or Frank Ryan in a few decades, a player who is nearly forgotten.

It says quite a bit about how bad the franchise has been at the position that Vince Young is ranked as the 5th best quarterback.

Of course it could always be worse, our 5th ranked quarterback could be a rookie who has never taken a snap in an NFL game.