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Woman Charged With Extortion Against Damian Williams

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Jim Wyatt is reporting tonight, as rothbard posted in this fanshot, that Metro Nashville police have charged a woman with trying to extort money from Tennessee Titans receiver Damian Williams. The woman claimed that Williams assaulted her at his home in the early morning hours of June 3rd. The woman called police on June 4th.

She was said to have bruises so a misdemeanor assault warrant was was issued. The police couldn't locate Williams so his legal counsel was notified.

After all of that Williams told police that the woman had been sending him text messages saying that she would drop the charges if he would give her $5,000, and yada, yada, ya police arrested the woman today when Williams gave her a cashier's check and she gave him a note saying she wouldn't press charges.

The warrant against Williams was cancelled today according to police spokesman Don Aaron via Wyatt:

"The assault warrant has been canceled by the district attorney’s office given the totality of the circumstances and taking into account Ms. David credibility issues,’ Aaron said.