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Story On Alterraun Verner Getting His Degree

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Ian Rhodes (@IanRhodesWSMV on Twitter) of WSMV here in Nashville did a story on Alterraun Verner getting his degree from UCLA this offseason.  Verner says in the story that getting his degree was something that was on his "Bucket List," and I guess for him the lockout is a positive because it allowed him to go ahead and do it.

I am looking forward to the battle between ATV and Jason McCourty in camp for the corner spot opposite Cortland Finnegan.  Verner obviously had the upper hand with the Fisher/Cecil administration, but he will have to prove himself all over again to this new staff.  McCourty was playing pretty well at the end of the season last year so it should be a good battle.

Obviously we are a little biased here for ATV, but it is just good that the Titans actually have a couple of good options opposite Finny.  We didn't know if that was the case heading into last year's camp.

Video after the jump.