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La Canfora: Chris Johnson has Big Money in Mind

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network has a new article up regarding Chris Johnson's contract status.  And, the news, well, it's not good (emphasis, mine):

Johnson, set to earn just $800,000 in 2011, is preparing for a much more prolonged holdout if need be and remains committed to joining the game's highest-paid running backs, according to those who have been in contact with him. The idea of another "band-aid" deal, after three highly productive seasons, is not appealing to him, and a deal in the range of the $5 million per season extension Jamaal Charles signed with the Kansas City Chiefs last season isn't what he's thinking, either.

Johnson has talked in the past about wanting to join the ranks of those garnering $30 million in guaranteed money, and if the free-agent money begins flying around in a furious manner post-lockout, don't expect his desire to wane.

Hardly encouraging words.  It's unclear where he is getting this information. Though, if true, this sounds like trouble.  For comparison, here's the guaranteed money in other top running back contracts:

Steve Jackson - $21 MM Guaranteed

Adrian Peterson - $17 MM Guaranteed

MJD - $17.5 MM Guaranteed

Michael Turner - $15 MM Guaranteed