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Mel Kiper on Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker

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Paul Kuharsky has some thoughts from Mel Kiper about some of the picks the AFC South teams made in last April's draft. What he had to say about Jake Locker has me a little confused:

"There are no questions surrounding Washington QB Jake Locker's talent or work ethic. But a lot of improvement needs to take place as a pocket passer before I'm going to be sold on him as a long-term answer under center…"

I am pretty sure Kiper contradicted himself right there by saying that he doesn't doubt Lockers talent or work ethic but doubts isn't sold on him as "a long-term answer under center." I could understand him not being sold if he doesn't think Locker has the talent, but he says he doesn't doubt that.

I could also understand if he doubted how successful Locker is going to be in 2011, but I just don't understand where it can go wrong if he has both the talent and the work ethic.  I guess that's just Mel being Mel.

Kiper has also apparently gone back on his statement after the draft that the Titans could be the worst team in the league in 2011:
"There's enough talent on this roster where mortgaging the season while a quarterback tries to work out some pretty considerable developmental issues might be a mistake. Beyond that, for whoever plays quarterback, is there enough talent at the wideout position?"

Or maybe not. I don't really understand what he said right there.