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Football Outsiders Stop Rates Against the Pass and the Tennessee Titans

An all too familiar sight.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
An all too familiar sight. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Last week we looked at how players from the Tennessee Titans did at stopping opposing ball carriers. This week Aaron Schatz looks at how defenders did against the pass. Again, this is what FO calls stop rates which is defined here.

Cortland Finnegan finished tied for second in the league last year with 70 pass tackles. Now that isn't a good thing considering that means he allowed the receivers to catch the ball a lot. He had a 20% stop rate.

Stephen Tulloch was third among linebackers with 59 pass tackles. The one thing Tully can do is tackle, so you won't be surprised that he had the highest stop rate among LBs in the top 10 of pass tackles, and the 10th best stop rate overall.

Michael Griffin had more pass tackles than any other safety in the NFL with 55. He had a stop rate of 20%.

Something that will come as a huge shock to you is that Gerald McRath and Will Witherspoon both appear on the 10 worst LBs list with a 24% stop rate.

NewsToTom will also be sad that his own site proves my point that Chris Hope isn't good anymore. He tied for the 5th worst stop rate among safeties at 5%.