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Report: Vince Young's Credit Score Approaches His Wonderlic Score

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Sure, Vince Young is barely a Titan at this point, but this offseason damned near any story is post-worthy. Len Pasquarelli, who wrote for ESPN forever and now writes at Sports Xchange, slipped this tidbit into his MMQB-style round-up of NFL news and notes. Luckily it's not behind a paywall, so VY should be able to read it for himself:

Another guy who isn't getting much buzz right now is Tennessee quarterback Vince Young. The former No. 3 pick overall hasn't been released yet, but new Titans coach Mike Munchak confirmed he won't be back, yet there just don't seem to be many potential landing spots. Teams are troubled by Young's perceived lack of maturity, and a few are investigating rumors he may have mishandled his money.

Is it really news that a professional athlete, and a top draft pick no less, is probably bad with money? Of course not. But is it news that could hurt the Titans? You bet.

VY's potential money issues matter to the Titans because the razor slim chance that  we could get something for him in a trade gets diminished every time stories start floating that question VY's maturity. If teams already have question marks around his ego, intelligence, professionalism, emotional stability and durability, the last thing we need is another red flag going up. I know I'd be leery of giving up a pick and a bunch of money for a guy with those levels of issues no matter what level of talent he flashes.

If there's any fire behind this smoke, NFL teams will be able to find it. If Vince Young really has blown much of the nearly $40 million he's been paid by Bud Adams, he may burn Bud again by botching a potential trade for a late-round pick.