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Another Look at Tackles by Linebackers

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A couple of weeks ago August highlighted a Football Outsiders post that looked at linebackers and stop rates against the run. The FO post showed Titans LB Gerald McRath as one of the worst linebackers in the league and Will Witherspoon as one of the best.

Today Pro Football Focus has put out a post that looks at linebackers and how many tackles they missed per attempt.  Just like the FO study, this study should be considered inexact because it is subjective to the people watching the tape, and I can't find anywhere on the PFF site where they define a tackle attempt.

All of that being said, the two Titans LBs that show up on this list are McRath and Witherspoon, but they show up with the exact opposite results of the FO list.  According to this list McRath missed one tackle for every 27 attempts, good for 12th best in the league, and Witherspoon missed a tackle every 6.25 attempts, good for 9th worst.

Keith Bulluck also appears on the bad list, but I won't mention him because he no longer plays for the Titans.