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PFF: Jason Babin Eleventh in 2010 Pass Rushing Productivity

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Pro Football Focus has been going through a variety of individual performances from 2010 and ranking players. Today they have their pass rushing productivity rankings out, and you won't be surprised to hear that (former?) Tennessee Titans DE Jason Babin is on the list. He ranked eleventh registering 64 "QB disruptions" on what they deemed to be 433 pass rushing snaps.

We all know the story of what Jim Washburn did for Babin, but for further proof of just how out of nowhere Babin's season was take a look at the 3-year pass rushing productivity rankings- Babin is 14th with 104 disruptions in 838 snaps. That means before last season Babin "disrupted" the QB just 40 times in 405 times.

Those 2010 numbers are going to bring Jason Babin a lot of money, and my guess is that it will be from a team other than the Titans.

It is also interesting to note that Raheem Brock, who the Titans released before the 2010 season started, ranked 16th in the league with 67 disruptions on 477 sacks snaps. Good thing they didn't keep that guy around!