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Tennessee Titans June 2nd Players' Workout Report

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Jim Wyatt reports that the Titans had 17 players at their workout today. Wyatt said that is the most that he has seen at any of the workouts so far (see some pictures here). Gerald McRath, who Wyatt talked to after the workout, said he is hoping 40 players show up to the unofficial mini-camp the Titans' players are organizing next week.

Jake Locker was present at the workout again today but didn't throw again.  Damian Williams told Wyatt after practice that Locker threw to him on Wednesday and that he throws a "nice ball":

"It was good. It was the first day we actually got Jake out there throwing our routes. He looked good for his first day doing out stuff,’’ Williams said. "He throws a nice ball."

Hopefully a few more of the receivers and tight ends will be in town next week for those workouts so that Locker can throw. It sure would be nice if Kenny Britt would come down here as well and start developing some chemistry with Locker.