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Felony Charge Against Kenny Britt Reduced To Misdemeanor

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The Tennessean is reporting that the most serious charge against Kenny Britt stemming from his car chase incident, the third-degree felony charge of eluding a police officer, has been reduced to a misdemeanor count of 'disorderly person' (which sounds like what's more commonly called 'disorderly conduct'). Britt was already facing two other misdemeanors from the same incident: lying to an officer hindering apprehension and obstructing governmental function following a stop. All three have been changed to charges of disorderly conduct.

Follow us through the jump for comments from Britt's lawyer, and analysis from yours truly.

"The case was sent for review to make sure there was nothing more to it," DeFazio said. "In this situation nobody was hurt, and since he had no prior criminal record the matter was sent down to Bayonne Municipal Court."

Britt could still face fines, probation and a suspended license as a result of the pending charges, "but this is not a situation where he, as a practical matter, would be facing incarceration," DeFazio said.
"I don’t want people to get the wrong impression here. Somebody who was not Kenny Britt who was in a similar circumstance would have the same thing happen to their case," he said. "No one was injured and this is a typical disposition for someone who was in a similar circumstance."

DeFazio's explanation makes sense, and considering the account given in the initial police report I'd have to agree that Britt shouldn't have ever faced jail time for this incident. The New Jersey police officer followed their procedures by not turning on his siren while Britt was speeding and changing lanes rapidly. That being the case, it's tough to argue that Britt was really evading the police, in my (completely dismissible) opinion. There was no injury, no wreck and no harm done. He'll get some light fines, community service time and probation, and probably that's it. Hell, if this happened in Nashville we could all probably assume he was only speeding to catch up to another overthrown pass from Rusty. 

Still, Britt isn't off the hook with Titans fans just because he's essentially off the hook with the New Jersey authorities. This is still the latest in a growing number of numb-skulled incidents, none of which have been major, that have put the talented WR on the front page for all the wrong reasons. Britt needs to grow up and put these things behind him, or he may end up getting into something worse and sabotage his promising career.