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Happy Father's Day from MCM

Two of the shows on 104.5 The Zone Friday were having people call in and give their favorite sports memory with their dad. It was pretty neat to hear the stories that people had, so I thought I would toss the same topic out here today. Let me hear your stories in the comments.

Mine is one that I have told here many times- It was January 8th 2000, and I was a senior in high school. The night before our house had gotten robbed. Luckily they broke in while no one was there, so no one was hurt or anything, but the house was an absolute mess. My dad and I were sitting in his study watching the game.

I will never forget how excited were when Al Del Greco kicked the field goal to put the Titans ahead with less than two minutes on the clock. The last 12 hours had really sucked, but it was OK because the Titans were about to go to the second round.

Then the Bills put together that drive that ended with Steve Christie kicking a 41-yarder to put the Bills ahead with 16 seconds left.

Well you all know what happened next, "Christie kicks it high and short...HE'S GOT SOMETHING! HE'S GOT SOMETHING! TOUCHDOWN TITANS. THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD. IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

I just remember my dad and I running around the room not really knowing what to do. We high fived each other, and then waited for Phil Luckett to come out of the hood with a ruling. The whole time they were showing the replay I was right up at the TV drawing a line with my finger, and saying, "There is no way they can overturn that."

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all of the rest of you out there who are fathers!

The miracle after the jump.