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What Should the Titans Realistically Expect from Jake Locker in 2011?

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Everyone with the Tennessee Titans is saying that the best quarterback in camp will start in week 1 against the Jaguars. I don't expect Jake Locker to be ready that point. I would give him a 50/50 chance of being ready if he were able to work with Chris Palmer this offseason, but because he isn't it is going to take some time to get him ready. I do expect him to be the full time starter somewhere around the 8th game of the season.

His first few games will probably be a little bit of an adventure, but I think by the end of the season we will see a lot of encouraging signs that make us feel good about Locker in 2012.

There have been three QBs (Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford) drafted in the top ten in the last two years.  Here are their rookie year stat lines:

Stafford- 201 of 377 (53.3%) for 2,267 yards with 13 TDs and 20 INTs.

Sanchez- 196 of 364 (53.8%) for 2,444 yards with 12 TDs and 20 INTs.

Bradford- 354 of 590 (60%) for 3,512 yards with 18 TDs and 15 INTs.

I expect Locker's numbers his rookie year to be pretty close to those put up by Stafford/Sanchez.

Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus has already put together his QB projections for the 2011 fantasy football season, and he plugged in some pretty good numbers for Locker- 262 of 453 (58%) for 3,017 yards with 14 TDs and 18 INTs.