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Finnegan On 32 Teams In 32 Days.

As a part of NFL Network's 32 Teams In 32 Days, Cortland Finnegan came in to the studio to answer some questions siting down with Rich Eisen. As usual, he was well spoken and offered some good insight to the Young/Fisher feud last year as well as his beef with Andre Johnson.

In a few short words,  Finnegan stated that while he hasn't spoken to Johnson since the fight, he had the guys in stitches after suggesting that if he did, he'd apologize immediately before throwing the camera a few quick winks indicating that his prior statement was loaded with sarcasm, so I really can't wait to see the media storm that results from this one. I also can't wait to see what Houston thinks. Naturally, they'll want Finnegan locked up forever. 

Finnegan also spoke on the upcoming season and the motivation that the team draws from being picked to finish last in the division. So, uh, yay! I guess. 

He's been a bit busy in the offseason with a new daughter, so he hasn't spoken to either Kenny Britt or Vince Young, but when Eisen asked "How awkward was that situation last year?", he responded with a simple "So awkward." 

He went on to say that it was almost like having two children and not knowing exactly who to scold and when. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of either Vince or Fish. 

To close things out, they talked a little bit about Jake Locker. Finnegan seems to think that if he looks like the best QB in training camp that he'll start. I don't know how likely that is, he's still got a long way to go, but Finnegan offered some encouraging words about Locker's progress and hinted that he was looking really sharp. 

After the end of Finnegan's interview, the fellas debated the readiness of Locker and whether or not he was going to be the starter week one. Sapp seemed to think that Locker was absolutely ready. I think the exact quote was "You've got a rusty old quarterback or a quarterback named Rusty, so..." 

On the other hand, Jamie Dukes is not a believer in Palmer, nor does he think he's the man for the job of coaching up Locker, a guy who clearly needs some work. He cites that Palmer just doesn't have the proven track record with developing QBs which is valid but debatable. 

Rich Eisen is a huge fan of Locker the community man, but he also thinks the accuracy concerns are real. Evidently, he had heard that Locker was maybe a third round pick when he was in-studio before the draft. Needless to say, all three were shocked that Locker was picked as high as he was. 

All in all, the Finnegan interview was hilariously entertaining, the massive trolling of Texan "Nation" continues, and Rich Eisen and Warren Sapp are a comedic dynamo, Jamie Dukes is kind of meh.