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Tennessee Titans Drop 61 Spots In ESPN's Ultimate Standings

Apparently Titans fans do not approve of their team. The 70,000 fans that were polled ranked the Titans as the 98th best franchise out of the four major sports. That's down from 37th last year and 15th in 2010. According to these standings, the Titans are the 7th worst team when it comes to fan relations. With a new coaching staff and quarterback, let's hope the Titans can regain some respectability.

The Green Bay Packers were ranked as the best franchise out of the four major sports, and the Cincinnati Bengals were ranked as the worst. For those interested in the other Tennessee teams, the Memphis Grizzlies came 9th, and the Nashville Predators came 18th. Yeah, the Titans have some work to do.

Click past the jump to see where the Titans were ranked in each of the eight categories.

Last Year's Rank: 37
Title Track: 82
Ownership: 87
Coaching: 104
Players: 106
Fan Relations: 116
Affordability: 64
Stadium Experience: 99
Bang for the Buck: 76