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Former Titans WR Chris Sanders Hopes Kenny Britt Gets Help

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I wish the Tennessee Titans would hire Chris Sanders for some role in player development. He has said on the radio that would welcome the opportunity to work with the team, and he would be a guy that could actually help because he is a guy that has been in their shoes. I also wish Sanders would go ahead and reach out to Britt right now since no one with the Titans can because of the lockout.

Here is what Sanders had to say to Jim Wyatt about Britt's situation:

"That’s why player development is so important right now. You have to find a way to not just talk to him, but show Kenny Britt the right things. If you just show him how to play football, he is only going to learn to play football. We have to teach these guys to make right decisions."

The good news for Britt at this point is he has just been involved in a bunch of stupid little incidents. He will probably end up being suspended by the league because of the number of incidents, but I wouldn't expect it to be for any more than 4 games. There is still time for someone to take him under his wing before anything really serious happens.