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Tennessee Titans Radio Broadcasts On Sirius This Season

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For some reason the Tennessee Titans have been the only team in the NFL who didn't have their radio broadcasts on Sirius Satellite Radio for the last few years. I never knew what the reason was, and apparently it was a pretty closely guarded secret. The good news is that is the case no longer.

Jim Wyatt reports that the Titans have reached an agreement with broadcast partners that will allow the Titans Radio broadcast to be carried on satellite radio:

The Titans have agreed to multiyear extensions with their radio and local television partners, and part of the agreement will be music to the ears of some fans.

The new contract with Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, which owns flagship station WGFX 104.5-FM, includes a stipulation that will allow home games to be broadcast on SiriusXM. The Titans were the only NFL team without their own broadcasts on satellite radio.

You could always pick up the game with the other team's broadcast, but now you will be able to listen to Mike Keith and Frank Wycheck no matter where you are (as long as you have Sirius of course).