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Locked Out

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Dear MCMers and Titan Nation,

I am sorry I have not been keeping everyone up to speed with my life. I have been concentrating on school, so I hope you forgive me. I would like to talk about some highlights of things that have happened to me for a brief moment.

First of all, I am officially a graduate of the mighty University of California Los Angeles. It is such a relief to be done with my degree and to get it done so fast, due to the unfortunate events of this lockout. I am ready to put away ideas such as a ring, congruent classes, normal distributions, t-statistics, etc. away and get to what Cover 2 and cover 1, and firezones are for now on. I will ultimately miss my time at UCLA and I was sad to let it go, but I am also excited for the future to come.

This lockout is definitely putting a strain on things with the team. With us having a new staff on both sides of the ball, I feel it is essential for us to get together as a collaborative bunch and get some chemistry brewing. I dislike how the free agents have to wait, the rookies got to wait, and most importantly the undrafted rookies have to wait before we can get on with this 2011 season. We all want it to happen and no one wants to miss any games. I am confident we will get something accomplished sooner than later, but please keep your prayers open for the league.

Speaking of people hurt during the lockout are the rookies and I would like to speak about them. I like Jake Locker, I will admit that I wasn’t expecting us to pick him up, but since we did I have ponder about the decision and I think it will be a great addition to this team. Since I have played against him a few years I think he embodies everything you want in a franchise Quarterback. He is vocal, a leader on and off the field, respectable, cannon for an arm, and very athletic. I look forward to see him progress. My personal favorite with no bias at all, wink wink, would be Akeem Ayers. I am so stoked to have this fellow bruin on my team. He is such a great player and will help us from day one. I have been saying that this guy was the best player on the team since he played his rs. Freshman year. He should have been a 1st rounder, but those teams loss is our gain for sure. You will see him making plays for years to come in this league and I would like to put out there I expect him to be in talks for defensive rookie of the year. I think every other rookie is a viable addition and I cant wait to see what Tommie Campbell can bring the table.

As far as the coaching staff, I hear nothing but great things about Jerry Gray. So much, it got me so excited to play under him and I feel I will be a much better player with him as a coach. I can’t wait to bond with him and see what his plan is for me in this new defense. I also feel that Mike Munchak will be a successful coach. He has been with the program for years and I am also excited to see the attitude and changes he brings to the team.

Other Highlights include: I performed in a contemporary dance piece with my girlfriend, Sina’e. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed the challenge. You can view it on my page: I served as a guest judge for a talent show at UCLA. I also played in a charity Basketball game for Davonne Bess in Oakland Ca with some other players. My sister Shawn and Robin both getting advanced degrees. Shawn graduated from UCLA with a nurse practitioner advanced degree in gerontology. Robin got her teaching credentials. My girlfriend also graduated from CSUDH.

Once again, I am glad to be back in touch with everyone as I am in Nashville right now, working out and seeing the team. I will be returning to Los Angeles to be working out with my personal trainers. I hope all is well in Titan land!

PS. I am holding a football camp at My Alma Mater Mayfair High School in Lakewood CA. I will be assisted by my High School Coaches and also have some guest appearances. The camp is June 24-26. I am excited to see how that goes. I will do a side article with that info.


Alterraun Verner