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Jeff Fisher Discusses The Enigma That Is Kenny Britt

One of Jeff Fisher's last public comments before he and the team parted ways expressed his desire to see Kenny Britt have a 'drama free offseason'.


Fisher spoke to Jim Wyatt at a charity golf event, and the former Titans coach spoke about the mercurial WR:

"I didn’t get the call but I am following it closely and it is not an easy thing," Fisher said on Monday at the Legends Club, where he was taking part in the NFL Alumni Charity Golf Classic. "Somehow, deep down, you kind of still feel responsible or still feel like you want to help. I hope he can get things sorted out."

Fisher famously benched Britt last offseason after the second year WR showed up out of shape, then threatened to deactivate him for the beginning of last season after a debacle of a performance late in the preseason. You can't accuse Fish of not trying to get a message through to Britt, but the methods he used obviously weren't effective.

As soon as this lockout is over the job of getting the message through to Britt will become Mike Munchak's. If the first few weeks of his tenure were any measure, Thorchak won't hesitate to drop the hammer with Britt. Unfortunately the punitive measures might be out of the Titans' hands at this point because the commissioner is almost a lock to suspend Britt after the latest incident. It doesn't even matter if the charges are eventually dropped: if you're an NFL player and have a couple of incidents within a year that put your name in the headlines along with terms like 'bar fight', 'evading arrest' and 'marijuana', and you'll get docked a few games without argument.

No matter what happens, or how long Britt is suspended by the league, how Munch deals with this situation is going to cement everyone's impression of his style and demeanor as a head coach. But in the end it's Kenny who's at a turning point, and he's the one inching towards squandering the chance of a lifetime.

Time is running out for Britt to realize that he's got an entire organization that wants to help him grow and mature, and an entire community that would love for him to be in Nashville for reasons other than picking up a game check or getting served with a warrant.