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Kenny Britt Sought By Nashville Police on Outstanding Warrants

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Apparently the Kenny Britt drama is never going to end. The Tennessean is reporting today that the Titans WR is now being sought by Metro Nashville Police on two outstanding warrants. Britt allegedly made inaccurate statements on his driver's license applications according to the Tennessean. Here is what Metro police spokesman Don Aaron had to say about the situation according to Jim Wyatt:

"To my belief, Mr. Britt’s counsel is aware of the existence of these warrants and we would anticipate that he would report and surrender himself on these and let them be served when he returns to the state of Tennessee,’’ Aaron said. "If he does not, he’ll be subject to arrest."

Britt'a attorney, Jonathan Farmer, told Wyatt that Britt plans to cooperate with the police when he does return to Nashville:

"When he gets back he is going to cooperate fully and we are looking forward to getting that resolved in a quick manner,’’ Farmer said. "He takes it seriously and is looking forward to getting it resolved."

Again, we aren't talking about something that is Pacman-esque as far as endangering other people, but this is just another in a long list of events that serves as an off the field distraction for Britt. He should consider himself lucky if he only gets suspended 4 games at this point.

(thanks to rothbard for posting the Wyatt article in the fanshots)