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Kuharsky: Michael Roos One of AFC South's Most Underrated Players

All of the ESPN NFL bloggers selected a player from each team in the division the blog for as one of the most underrated players in the division. Paul Kuharsky, the AFC South blogger, selected Michael Roos from the Tennessee Titans. Here is some of what PK had to say:

He played just one season of high school football and wasn’t part of the offensive line until his sophomore year at Eastern Washington. An early low profile has kept him from anything close to the notoriety of players like Joe Thomas and Jake Long, but I’ve had scouts tell me he’s as good as or better than those two....

Roos, along with the rest of the Titans offensive line, had a down year last year, but he is just two years removed from being a consensus pick as an all-pro tackle.

Roos is the obvious pick here for the Titans. The only other player who is really good but doesn't get the credit he deserves is David Stewart.