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Turns Out Kerry Collins Would Like to Return to Titans

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A week or so ago, Jake Scott told someone with the Tennessean that he wasn't sure if Kerry Collins would want to come back to the Tennessee Titans and tutor another young quarterback. Well it turns out that Collins wouldn't be opposed to making NFL money for another season. Jim Wyatt talked to Collins yesterday at Jeff Fisher's softball game, and here is what Collins had to say:

"If it makes sense on both sides to do it, I’d be good for coming back. Physically, I definitely have a couple of years left in me, no doubt. But I want to see where the Titans are at, too."

I don't believe that physically he has a couple of years left in him, but he makes about the most sense of any of the veteran QBs out there for the Titans to bring in to keep the seat warm for Jake Locker. It will be a different system, but he knows the personnel and the head coach.

I know the thought of Collins being the Titans' opening day starter is a little nauseating, but he probably is the best option if Locker isn't ready.

(h/t to trevor for posting this in the fanshots)