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A Quick Twitter Interview with Titans Rookie LB Colin McCarthy

Tennessee Titans rookie LB Colin McCarthy mentioned on Twitter earlier today that he would answer a few questions if anyone had any for him. He was nice enough to answer three of the questions that I asked him.

McCarthy is another guy that I am really excited about from this draft. He is a big LB that, as he mentions in one of his answers, can play all three linebacker positions. Jerry Gray said he wanted versatility, and he got that in McCarthy.

My questions and his answers after the jump.

What is your greatest strength as a LB?
my versatility. Being able to play all three LB positions and my passion for the game. Love to play and want to be great!

What do you think is one part of your game you will have to step up at the next level?

Footwork for sure. No false steps. Getting my pre-snap reads run pass and then read and react. Go when you know.! Get to the ball

Who was your favorite player when you were a kid?

Brian Dawkins with the Eagles