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Audio: Tennessee Titans DE Derrick Morgan

Here is the interview Jonathan Hutton posted from after Wednesday's practice with Tennessee Titans DE Derrick Morgan. All reports are that Morgan was able to go 100% in these sessions and looks ready to contribute from day one coming off the ACL surgery.

Click here to listen to the interview. Text after the jump.

How is the knee?
Doing good. It hasn’t bothered me at all. I’ve been on the rehab track all offseason, just trying to get everything right for the season. It’s going according to plan.

Are you able to go full speed?

Yeah, I’ve been doing all of that stuff for 2-3 months now, running, cutting, jumping all of that. I wasn’t limited in any way.

I saw more laughing than big plays today. Is it a good thing to be with the buddies again and get that spirit going?

Yeah it is. I missed my teammates. It’s kind of weird not being around them. This is only my second year- I was expecting to be around guys in OTAs, and do more so of a regular schedule than a rookie schedule. It is good to get out here around the guys, joking around a little bit, get that camaraderie going.

What is the main thing you hope to get accomplished in these workouts?

Gauge where you are compared to other people, seeing what you need to work on. Getting out here and getting used to football things again.