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Tennessee Titans Coach Mike Munchak Talks Kenny Britt

The Tennessee Titans coaching staff put on some type of football camp for kids yesterday at Baptist Sports Park, and reporters had the chance to ask Mike Munchak a few questions about Kenny Britt's latest brush with the law. Munchak basically just said that he has the same details that we have right now about the latest incident because he cannot talk to Britt. He said that no decision will be made on any type of disciplinary action until he has a chance to get Britt's side or the story, which obviously won't happen until the lockout is over.

Munch was asked if he was worried about Britt dividing the locker room like Pacman did. He pretty much deflected the question saying that he didn't compare people and that this is a new era.

Munchak also said in that video that he is encouraged by the reports of how many players were present for the mini-camp that took place at Father Ryan this week.

Thanks to St. Prattrick for posting this link as a fanshot.