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Derrick Mason Thinks Kenny Britt Needs to Get Out of New Jersey

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Derrick Mason tweeted last night that it is time for Kenny Britt to come to Nashville and be with his teammates.

From a vet to a rising star- Kenny b. Leave east coast and come back to Nashville and b with some of ur teammates. It's to hot in nj!!! When I say it's hot in nj I'm not talking about the heat. Ur teammates care about u so pack that suitcase and head back to tn ASAP bro!

Mason couldn't be more correct here. At least if he were here he would be with his teammates who are ultimately looking out for his best interest.  Cortland Finnegan should get on a plane to NJ today, go directly to Kenny Britt's house, let him pack some of his stuff, and bring him back to Nashville.

An aside: There were some people yesterday that were saying this incident proves Ray Lewis was right about crime going up because of the lockout. Wrong. First of all, Ray Ray was talking about crime going up among the general population, not just football players, and these kind of incidents are going to happen whether there is football or not. Just look back at all of the other incidents Britt has been involved with while there was football. Ray Lewis is never right about anything.

Aside #2: I loved Mason when he was a Titan but have grown to hate him since he became a Raven.  Why couldn't he have signed with any other team in the NFL?