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Breaking News: Kenny Britt Digs The Deep Ball

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PFF released a new stat breakdown examining the best deep threats at the WR position over 2010, and it's no surprise to astute Titans fans that Kenny Britt pops up all over the place. Despite being plagued by a poor start, a mid-season injury, inconsistent quarterback play and a brief bit of drama revolving around a bar fight, Britt dominated the deep ball (defined here as receptions of 20 or more yards downfield) in his second NFL season. By PFF's calculations Britt was:

• 1st in Deep Pass Catch Percentage (56.52%)
• Tied for 3rd in Deep Pass Touchdowns (6)
• Tied for 4th in Deep Pass Receptions (13)
• 7th in Total Deep Pass Yardage (477)

By these calculations Britt's skills downfield put him on par with the likes of Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace, Detroit's Calvin Johnson, Denver's Brandon Lloyd (who is largely seen as likely to never have a season like that again) and Philly's DeSean Jackson

Of course, the ceiling for Britt isn't really known yet. It's entirely possible that he could develop into the most dangerous WR in the league, especially when you consider that he's also a threat on short routes and over the middle (unlike say Jackson or Lloyd). But we all know the caveat: he might not ever get there if he can't get his head on straight and quit getting into trouble off the field. Britt's incidents have been small so far, but as long as they keep happening you have to be worried that it's only a matter of time before the big one is coming.

One last note on this that gramsey is sure to enjoy: Kenny isn't the only Titans receiver to appear on this list, as Nate Washington is tied for 9th place in Deep Pass Targets (32). I'm assuming the only reason Washington doesn't appear again is because there isn't a list given for Deep Pass Drops.