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Report: NFL Players Are Staying in Contact with Coaches During the Lockout

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Mike Freeman of CBS Sports wrote a column today saying that he has talked to multiple sources that inform him that NFL players have been in contact with assistant coaches during the lockout.  I am sure you are as shocked as I am to hear about this going on.  Players and coaches will do anything they can to gain a competitive advantage.  Here is what one player told Freeman:

They don't seem to care. What was stated repeatedly in interviews is that whichever team stays the most cohesive during this highly divisive fight with owners will have the biggest advantage once the lockout ends.

"Eventually we'll have football again," one high-profile offensive player said. "All that matters to me is who is ready and who isn't."

I like that the report says that head coaches are staying away from this in order to have "plausible deniability." I am sure the "I didn't know" defense will hold up for a head coach if his team is caught communicating.

Of course all of this could be avoided if the two sides would just sit down and workout an agreement....