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Another Great Jake Locker Story

Yesterday I got this email from a guy about Jake Locker:


I wanted to just reach out to you about Jake Locker. Its tough to tell what a guy drafted into the NFL will end up being, especially at QB. But this young man is solid. A good kid. The kind of young man you want your son to be or your daughter to bring home. The kind of young man you want in your city, wearing your teams jersey, being groomed to be the face of the franchise.

We met him last year, my then 6 year old son in his Husky jersey and hat, not really knowing who Jake was (he was 6, after all). Jake was gracious, smiling, and made such a huge impression on my boy that Jake is his favorite player. He wants Jake's Titans jersey and as soon as they reveal what his number will be, we'll get him one. And one for me too.

I'm happy for the fans of the Titans. How he turns out as a QB is yet to be determined, but the young man you just received is aces.

It really is amazing the impression this kid has left on people as a college player. Vince Young had a cult following because of what he did on the field. The Locker following is more of him as a person, and I think that speaks volumes to the type of quarterback he is going to grow into. He might fail, but it won't be for lack of understanding what it takes to be an NFL QB.