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Will Kerry Collins Return To The Titans Or Retire?

Today's MMQB features some comments Jake Scott made last week about the possible future plans of Kerry Collins that have surprised some:

9. I think I've thought all along that Kerry Collins would be back for a training-wheel season for Jake Locker in Tennessee ... until I heard what veteran guard Jake Scott of the Titans had to say. "I'm not sure Kerry isn't going to say, 'I'm done,' and ride off into the sunset,'' Scott told Ross Tucker and me on the radio last week. "I don't think he wants to come back and be a nursemaid to a young kid. Money's not an issue to him.'' The Titans will certainly need a vet, and a better one than a Rusty Smith-type, in 2011, and maybe beyond.

Everything Jake said could be absolutely true, but I'm not buying it. 

Kerry might not be in love with the idea of returning as the Titans' starting QB, knowing that it'll be Locker's spot sooner rather than later, but there are much worse ways to earn a living. My guess is the Titans would be happy to give Kerry more than the veteran minimum for a one year deal. I also completely believe that Kerry still wants to play. Once he retires, that's it. If he knows there's a starting spot in the NFL open for him, even if it's temporary, I just don't see him turning it down.