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The Jake Locker Era Officially Begins

Both Terry McCormick and Jim Wyatt are reporting via Twitter that Jake Locker is working out with some of his new teammates with the Titans at Father Ryan here in Nashville this morning. I said last week that I think it is a really important thing for Locker to get here and get acclimated with some of his teammates during this work stoppage. He is going to have a lot of stuff to work on when he can actually work with Chris Palmer but being here now allows him to get a leg up on chemistry with at least some of the guys.

I think it says a lot about Locker that he is willing to come all the way across the country to get started when it isn't required of him. I am not usually an optimistic person, but I really think Locker is going to end up being a really good quarterback. I couldn't be more pumped about the Jake Locker Era in Tennessee- which officially started today.