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Tennessee Titans' WR Damian Williams Ready to Contribute

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Damian Williams never got much of a shot in 2010 for the Titans. He played well when he got his chances, but Jeff Fisher and Mike Heimerdinger kept running Justin Gage out there in front of him. Williams told Jim Wyatt that his experience his rookie year will help him be a better NFL receiver in the long run:

"I know what it is all about now,’’ Williams said. "Your rookie year you are playing with grown men and you are fresh out of college, so it is different. But now I have a year under my belt and I know how to prepare for things, and just knowing how to prepare is probably the biggest thing. If you can get over that hump, you can make it.

"I feel I’m ready. We could play tomorrow."

The article mentions that Damian is one of the guys that has been working out at Father Ryan, and we know from previous articles that he has already been in touch with Jake Locker. I think Williams has a lot of upside and should end up being the starter opposite Kenny Britt.  I am excited to see what the new staff can do with Britt, Williams and Marc Mariani.