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Titans Draft Pick Akeem Ayers Studies Defense with Alterraun Verner

Me and @Akeem_Ayers going over some defenses today. getting him right. Also refreshing myself...less than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

It is a new era in Tennessee Titans' football, and I think we are going to like the changes. One of the biggest problems the 2010 Titans had was a lack of leadership. There were a variety of reasons for the lack of leadership including a coach with a huge ego, a diva quarterback, and the fact that the veteran leaders from 2009 were no longer with the club.  The 2010 draft class has a lot of guys in it that will be leaders on this team, but it was hard for them to lead as rookies and with all of the other stuff that was going on in the locker room. 

This year things are going to be different.  The coach is gone and has been replaced by a guy that won't let his ego get out of check.  The quarterback will soon be gone, and he has been replaced by a guy that is his exact opposite.  Guys like Alterraun Verner are no longer rookies. 

As you can see from the tweet above from ATV last night, the process of stepping up as a leader has already started.  There is no better guy for Akeem Ayers to learn from than Verner, and it excites me to know that they are taking the time to sit down and go through stuff while they are thousands of miles away during a lockout.

The 2011 Titans probably won't end up in the playoffs, but you are going to see a team that gets better every week and puts down a foundation for a run in 2012.