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NFL Coaches Most Affected By The Lockout

John Clayton, in light of the NFL Coaches Association filing a brief in the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals pushing for the end of the lockout, John Clayton wrote a column listing the top 10 coaches most affected by the lockout. He has new Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer at #7. Here is what he had to say about Palmer and the lockout:

Palmer is one of the league's nice guys, but he often finds himself in impossible situations. He worked with two expansion teams -- the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans -- and he was judged on two quarterbacks -- Tim Couch and David Carr -- who didn't make it over the long term. Now, he is offensive coordinator for Mike Munchak as the Titans try to develop Jake Locker. And Locker, who needs work on his mechanics, is locked out of the Titans' headquarters.

The positive there is that this isn't the first time Palmer has faced an uphill battle in this coaching career. The negative is that neither of the two situations Clayton listed ended well for Palmer, but I am not sure that either was really his fault. Tim Couch turned out to be a dud. David Carr really was as well, but that might have been because the Texans never bothered to put an offensive line in front of him.

The Titans will put a better offensive line in front of Jake Locker, and he is more talented than either of the guys listed above, so maybe the third time will be a charm for Palmer.

Complete list after the jump:

1. Juan Castillo, Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator
2. Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach
3. Mike Martz, Chicago Bears offensive coordinator
4. Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs head coach
5. Mike McCoy, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator
6. Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins head coach
7. Chris Palmer, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator
8. Hue Jackson, Oakland Raiders head coach
9. Tom Cable, Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach
10. Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans head coach