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Roger Goodell says he feels your pain, Titans fans

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"I understand the frustration and anger of fans,’’ Goodell said. "I understand what you are saying about directing it at the NFL. All of us will bear the responsibility if we are not able to come to solutions.

"… People want football. That’s what we’re supposed to do. And they want solutions. I am frustrated, also, but I am not going to stop working until we find those solutions. I hope it is sooner rather than later."

Those were just a few of the statements made by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on a 30-minute conference call he held with Titans season ticket holders yesterday. Goodell has certainly trying to win the PR war over fans about as much as you could possibly expect through the past six months. He's answered fan questions, held conference calls, done TV and print interviews and sent out press releases. 

Alas, he hasn't been able to do the one thing everyone in the world wants: get the damned deal done! That's not all his fault: the players are a big part of that, and Goodell doesn't control the owners, he's just their appointed representative.

You have to keep that in mind when you're listening to Goodell talk about this lockout: he's really reduced to the role of a PR flak standing in front of the press corps defending a corporation that's effing up royally. At least when you hear Kevin Mawae or Tom Benson talking about the lockout they're key guys with an actual vote and a voice in the process. Goodell is just a lawyer who argues for what he's told to argue for by the owners.

So my apologies if his appeals for understanding fall on deaf ears.