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Will Anyone Do HBO's Hard Knocks This Year

Titans_Firefighter posted this fanshot over the weekend asking if anyone was going to do HBO's Hard Knocks this year. Apparently half of the NFL has turned down HBO when asked to be featured on the show.

Today Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post listed his top 5 teams he wanted to see on Hard knocks. His list included, from five to one, the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders, and Pittsburgh Steelers. You can click the link to read his reasoning for wanting to see each team.

Fortenbaugh then listed his top five teams he didn't want to see on the show and he had the Titans second. Here was his reasoning:

Unknown head coach, unknown quarterback and Chris Johnson. The only thing that could save this is if Andre Johnson appeared each week and beat up Cortland Finnegan.


The Titans probably would be a pretty boring team to watch on Hard Knocks, but I think that is a good thing for the long term success of the franchise. This club has spent a lot of time in the news for the wrong reasons over the wrong reasons, and it is about time they got back to being the under the radar team they were when they first moved to Nashville.