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Cortland Finnegan Organizing a Mini-Camp For Locked-Out Titans

Cortland Finnegan told John Glennon that he's spearheading a move to get all of the Titans players they can in town for an unofficial mini-camp over June 8th and 9th. There's been a consistent 10-15 players attending the workouts at Father Ryan, but Finnegan is aiming to get the kind of mass turn-out other teams have seen lately. The plan is for rookies and veterans to both attend, though the rooks will most likely be taking it easy since they don't have contracts or NFL injury insurance.

Cortland caught a lot of hell around MCM earlier in the season for his embarrassing penalties and declining plays, but Cort has won a lot of good favor from me this off-season. He's been the one player openly trying to keep guys motivated and get the message out to the media that this isn't a vacation. That kind of leadership has been sorely lacking since 2008. Of course, if he's only getting 10-15 guys together a day, that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

I really hope the Titans players rally around this workout, and I'd love to see it last longer than a few days. I understand that the rookies can't do a ton, but they can get out there and take notes, meet the veterans and start learning what it takes to stick in the NFL. There are a million little signs that this team is going to be a disjointed mess compared to the well-oiled machines around the league, so every little step can help get these guys stay in football mode, rather than wandering aimlessly and getting into trouble.