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Chris Johnson on Players With Game from MTV

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This is a video that the MTV Clutch team shot with Chris Johnson a few weeks ago. I am assuming this is the time where CJ was tweeting about the cops showing up at his house because of all the nice cars entering and leaving his neighborhood.

The video is about what you would expect it to be. CJ mentions that his favorite players growing up were Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders.

He also gives some details about his custom Impala that hal loves so very much. Johnson says that he and a friend sat down and designed that thing from the rims up.

Here is a topic that might deserve a post of it's own, but I am just going to go ahead and throw it out here: What are the chances that CJ holds out when training camp actually starts? The Titans pushed that money up last year to get him into camp, but there hasn't been any talk about his contract since then. CJ hasn't said anything about it, presumably because of the lockout, but I bet you start to hear it a lot when that stupid thing is over.