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Mike Munchak Has a Fluid Post-Lockout Plan For The Titans

Michael Griffin told an Austin, TX radio station that the Titans are in a tougher position than most other teams due to the players not really knowing what the coaching staff wants them to be practicing. Not exactly earth-shattering news there, we've been saying the same thing for four months now. When the AP reached-out to coach Munchak for comment, he had the following to say:

"Now, is there a little more comfort knowing maybe a player is working out thinking he has a better feel of what's going to be asked of him? I'm sure there's more peace of mind if you have the same staff," Munchak said.

"On the other side of that, it's a nice breath of fresh air coming into something that's going to be a little different. And it's up to us once they come in to make sure that's not something that is too overwhelming, that it's something they can adjust to quickly. To me, it's still tackling and running and throwing the ball. We're not going to reinvent something here."

While Munchak is a first-year head coach, he's done a nice job surrounding himself with very experienced coaches. Dave McGinnis and Chris Palmer both have head coaching experience, and Jerry Gray has been around the league working under some excellent coaches for over a decade now. The Titans brain-trust should have a better feel than most staffs for what the players can and can't handle.

With everything surrounding the 2011 season still up in the air, that experience and flexibility could mean the difference between a lost year and a rebuilding year.