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Tennessee Titans Coaches Start Cutting Back Scheme Implementation

Now that the Titans are officially missing OTAs, the Tennessean tell us that the coaching staff is evaluating what to trim back when the players are allowed to return. There's still the possibility that the team will just extend training camp to make-up for the lost days as best they can, but there simply won't be the amount of time the players would need to learn the nuances of their roles in the new schemes. That sounds like an awesome sign of what we'll see next year this fall.

No matter what we see happen in court over the next few months, there hasn't been a single sign since the lockout was re-instituted that this fight will end before the last possible second. The owners have found a judge that is much more on their side, and the players are getting pummeled with every decision.

It might be tough to remember, but I was pretty optimistic that this lockout would be over a lot quicker than the prognosticators were leading us to believe. However, since this suit landed in the 8th circuit, that optimism has been crushed.

Getting all of the new players and coaches on the same page takes time, and it's going to take one hell of a rookie performance by Munchak to make that happen. While that may sound defeatist, I'm hoping it's the dark days to what becomes an amazing story. They happen every year in the NFL, so why not us?