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Matt Williamson Breaks Down AFC South Linebackers

You will probably find this hard to believe, but Matt Williamson of says the Titans don't have the worst linebackers in the AFC South (In$ider). He gives that dubious honor to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans got the nod ahead of the Jags in part because Williamson is very high on Stephen Tulloch:

The Titans' best linebacker, Stephen Tulloch, is up for free agency, and after they selected two linebackers in the draft it doesn't appear the Titans will bring him back. Still, losing Tulloch would be a huge blow to this defense, especially against the run. Few play the run as well as Tulloch, and he is sure to command a lot of money for a guy who really is best suited to be a two-down linebacker. Tulloch was a major reason the Titans were the best defense in the division against the run last season.

Tully is very good against the run, but I don't think his loss will be that big of a blow to the defense.  They can find another guy to make tackles, and that is hopefully exactly what Colin McCarthy will do plus actually force some turnovers.

Williamson is very high on Akeem Ayers, saying that he projects as a starter from day one, and says Rennie Curran "can really run and is explosive in all his movements."

I think I am excited about the linebacker group for next season.