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BREAKING: Nate Washington Drops A Lot of Passes

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Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus put together a post today of the best and worst wide receivers in the terms of drop percentage. You will be shocked to find that Nate Washington is among the top 10 over the last three years. Washington dropped 18 of the 154 passes thrown his way over the past three seasons.  There is no telling how many passes he would drop if he had the ball thrown to him as many times as Brandon Marshall did.


You also find Randy Moss on that list.*

They did also list the top 10 from last season, and Hands Washington wasn't on that list. I thought he was a lot better in 2010 than he was in 2010 2009.  My hope is that Damian Williams can come on to be the guy opposite Kenny Britt and Washington can play in the slot where he would be the most effective.

*Interesting that by Moss for team they have the Minnesota Vikings listed.  I guess he really didn't ever come to Nashville.