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NFL Cancels Rookie Symposium

The NFL holds a rookie symposium that is designed "to teach rookies life lessons on dealing with football, finances and their new lifestyle." This year the event was scheduled to take place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame so that the rookies would be familiar with the history of the league. Well instead of all of that happening, the symposium has been cancelled according to Adam Schefter.

This decision really doesn't make sense if the league thinks the symposium works.  The rookies are still going to need those lessons because eventually there is going to be football again.

I guess if they don't think it works in the first place there is no reason to have so why not just go ahead and cancel it?

Odds are this decision, like every other decision we have seen from the two sides involved in this stupid labor dispute, was made in order to force the other side to make some concession or decision. I am so sick of this.  These two sides are acting like 2 year olds because they can't figure out how to divvy up $9 billion.